09 July 2006

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Total population - 55,000 approx. self-declared (up to 1.2 million claimed)[1]

Regions with significant populations -
Slovakia :24,201 (2001 census) [2]
Serbia: 15,626 (2002 census) [3]
Ukraine: 10,100 self-declared (2001 census) [4](up to 977,000 claimed)[5]
Croatia: 2,337 (2001 census)

Language - Rusyn, Pannonian Rusyn, Ukrainian, Slovak, Russian

Religion - Eastern Orthodox, Eastern Catholic

Related ethnic groups other East Slavic peoples
Rusyns (also referred to as Ruthenians, Ruthenes, Rusins, Carpatho-Rusyns, and Rusniaks or Rusnaks) are a modern ethnic group that speaks the Rusyn language and are descended from the minority of Ruthenians who did not adopt a Ukrainian national identity in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Because an overwhelming majority of Ruthenians within Ukraine itself have adopted a Ukrainian identity [6], most modern Rusyns live outside Ukraine. The ethnic identity of Rusyns is therefore highly controversial, with some researchers claiming a separate East Slavic ethnicity distinct from Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians, while others considering Rusyns to be a subgroup of the Ukrainian nation. Some parallels can be drawn with the relationship of Moldovans to Romanians.

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