08 July 2006

Zakarpat Obl

Transcarpathian Oblast
Transcarpathian Oblast/Zakarpats’ka oblast’ — administrative entity in Ukraine. The oblast was created by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on January 22, 1946, to replace *Transcarpathian Ukraine, a territorial entity dismantled at the same time. The Transcarpathian oblast covers 12,800 square kilometers, with a population of 1,252,000 (1989) that averages 85 persons per square kilometer. The oblast is divided into 13 districts (raiony) in which there are 603 townships; 9 of these, including the administrative center, Uzhhorod, are classified as cities.
Bibliography: V.I. Bielousov, ed., Istoriia mist i sil Ukraïns’koï RSR: Zakarpats’ka oblast (Kiev, 1969).
Ivan Pop

Entry courtesy of Encyclopedia of Rusyn History and Culture.


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